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Refrofit Double Glazing

Kāpiti Coast

Double glaze your windows – improve home comfort

Let our experienced Kāpiti team retrofit double glazing into your existing aluminium or wooden window structure. Double-glazed windows help keep your home warm and cosy during winter, cool in summer, and street noise out all year round. And your heating and cooling bills will be lower.

Cost effective option for better insulation

Replacing the single pane of glass within your existing aluminium or timber window frames with a double glazed unit is much cheaper than fitting new windows, while adding value to your home. 

We can also fit double glazing to skylights and glass roofs, such as in conservatories.

double glazing services wellington kapiti

Retrofit double glazing has many benefits

  • Reduce the heat lost through your windows in winter by 50% compared to single glazing. 
  • Your house will be about 30% cooler in summer. 
  • Outside noise will be reduced by about 25%, making your home quieter.
  • There will be far less condensation, and any issues with mould will most likely disappear.
  • We can tailor your installation with special glass and coatings to improve specific areas of performance. These include preventing heat loss (argon gas), noise reduction, and UV blocking (low-E glass).
double glazing services wellington kapiti

Click on the Thermawood logo below to find out how we retrofit double glazing into windows with wooden frames.

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Click on the Ecosee logo below to find out how we retrofit double glazing into windows and doors with aluminium frames.

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double glazed windows wellington kapiti
The opening/sash windows running with water are single glazed and have not yet been replaced with double glazed units – the clear windows have the fixed DGUs in place.

Our retrofit double glazing warranty

'Pay by the room' double glazing offer

We can provide you with a “pay by the room” quote.

This allows us to complete the double glazing of your existing windows in stages, as and when you can afford it.

There is no need, or expectation, for all the work on your house to be completed at the same time in one job.

We can work at your home every few months or when you have the budget. We will start with south-facing windows, and continue from there at a pace that suits you.