Double Glazing Services

Kapiti & Wellington

Double glaze your windows – from $480 per pane

Double-glazed windows help to keep your home warm and cosy during winter, cool in summer, and the noise out all year round. And your heating and cooling bills will be lower.

We retrofit double glazing

We can replace the single pane of glass within your existing aluminium window frame with a double glazed unit (DGU).We can also fit double glazing to skylights and glass roofs, such as in conservatories.
double glazing services wellington kapiti

Save on home energy use

Double glazing will halve the heat lost through your windows in winter compared to single glazing. Your house will be about 30% cooler in summer. It will reduce noise from outside by about 25%, and there will be less condensation.

double glazing services wellington kapiti
double glazed windows wellington kapiti
The opening/sash windows running with water are single glazed and have not yet been replaced with double glazed units – the clear windows have the fixed DGUs in place.

Our double glazing warranty

Tailored double glazing options

The type of double-glazed unit we install can be further tailored with glass upgrades to improve specific areas of performance, depending on what you need:

  • Glare and fading can be reduced by using a tinted glass pane.
  • Noise can be further reduced with the addition of laminate glass.
  • Insulation can be further improved by filling the double-glazed unit (DGU) with argon gas.
  • Heat retention inside the building can be enhanced with the addition of a “low-E” (low emissivity) glass coating.

Heat loss reduction with different double glazing options