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Double Glazing for Existing
Aluminium Framed Windows

We are licensed installers of the Ecosee solution for retrofitting double glazing into existing aluminium windows and doors.

Ecosee is a resilient double glazing system specially designed to upgrade the performance of single panes in aluminium frames. It is cost effective to install because we only replace the glass, without needing to change the frame.

aluminium double glazing

Ecosee benefits

The conversion is relatively straightforward – we simply replace the glazing bead that secures the single glazing with a new bead for the double glazed unit. The result is close to that of new joinery.

We use our own aluminium profiles, customised to suit any window or door frame, so there are no delays.

Because double glazed units are heavier, we upgrade the window hardware. Sliding doors fitted with double glazing may need adapters installed.

We also upgrade to safety glass where there’s a risk of someone walking into the door or window.

More balanced indoor temperatures – cooler in summer, warmer in winter.

Improved energy efficiency – lower power costs.

Noticeable noise reduction.

Less condensation and mould.

Better protection for your furnishings from solar UV rays.

Special glass options are available for extra insulation (argon gas), and UV blocking (low E glass).

The result: a warmer, drier, quieter and healthier home.

Our retrofit double glazing warranty

'Pay by the room' double glazing offer

We can provide you with a “pay by the room” quote.

This allows us to complete the double glazing of your existing windows in stages, as and when you can afford it.

There is no need, or expectation, for all the work on your house to be completed at the same time in one job.

We can work at your home every few months or when you have the budget. We will start with south-facing windows, and continue from there at a pace that suits you.