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Security Doors, Insect Screens, Security Grilles and Window Bars

Residential and commercial.

We manufacture and install security doors and screens, and insect screens that hinge, roll, or slide to work with all styles of window and door frames. We make our hinged and sliding aluminium or stainless steel doors to suit your needs, and powder coat them to match your existing joinery.

Your premises will be protected with our commercial security grilles and window bars – light or heavy duty.

Our top-quality products and workmanship provide you with cost-effective security and peace of mind against intruders and pests in your home or business.

We also supply and install dog and cat doors.


  • We source our screen materials from Juralco, makers of the “Amplimesh” range of security and insect screens.
  • Our aluminium products are made from McKechnie Aluminium corrosion-resistant extrusions designed to meet tough environmental conditions, offering you strength and durability.
  • We use Austral Elegance and/or Lockwood locksets on the hinged doors, which have hook deadbolts for extra security.
  • The sliding security doors are fitted with Whitco Leichhardt locks with parrot-beak deadlocks.
  • All locks are fitted with an interior “snib” lock feature to engage or disengage a lock without the use of a key. This is ideal for repeated/high-traffic use when at home, and for rapid exit from the home if required.
  • Door handles and hinges are available in black or white.
  • Colour coded handles, three-point locking systems, and self-closing devices are also available at extra cost.

Security door options

The Supa Screen is our premium security door.

Supa Screen security doors are finished with a black 316 marine-grade stainless mesh acting as a security grille and insect barrier, screwed into an aluminium door frame.

These doors are available in hinged or sliding options for both wooden and aluminium-framed doors.

The “Amplimesh” door is our most popular security door

Amplimesh doors are finished with a diamond-patterned aluminium grille that offers an obvious barrier to entry visible from the street, providing security. They are backed with black fibreglass mesh that acts as an insect barrier.

The aluminium grille and/or door frame can be powder-coated to match the home joinery, or be supplied in a contrast colour or black, for example.

Amplimesh doors are available in three styles, named for their mesh options:

  • “Standard” – with 0.011″ diameter fibreglass insect mesh.
  • “Paw proof” – with a heavier duty “pet screen” mesh, designed to resist snags and rips caused by pets jumping up against the door.
  • “Lookout” – a secondary perforated aluminium mesh option that replaces the fibreglass insect mesh, for increased security and privacy.


These doors are available in hinged or sliding options for both wood and aluminium framed doors.

All doors are fitted with transparent “D” plates around the interior handle to protect the insect mesh from snags.

Our security door warranty

Insect screens

We make and install insect screens. Our designs hinge, roll, and slide to work with all window and door styles.

We have modern retractable insect screen designs that match your joinery colour. These will cover large openings across triple sliders, and they have flush bottom tracks so there is no trip hazard.

Remeshing service for insect screens and security doors

Remesh aluminium insect window screens with standard mesh. Includes collection and reinstallation:

  • $160 + GST (Kapiti Coast)

Remesh aluminium security door with standard mesh. Includes collection and reinstallation:

  • $200 + GST (Kapiti Coast)

Remesh aluminium security door with Paw Proof mesh. Includes collection and reinstallation:

  • $225 + GST (Kapiti Coast)

Remesh aluminium security door with stainless steel or clearview mesh. Includes collection and reinstallation:

  • $350 + GST (Kapiti Coast)

Clip-in aluminium insect screens for windows with standard mesh:

  • $95 each inclusive of GST.

Clip-in aluminium insect screens for windows with Paw Proof mesh:

  • $105 each inclusive of GST.

Get in touch with us to enquire about these services.

Retractable insect screens

Venette™ insect screens use a pleated mesh to keep out the bugs. The construction of the screens uses the best Japanese-manufactured polyester pleated mesh material, which retains its shape. A series of high-quality Kevlar™ cords tension the screen, preventing blow-out in windy conditions.

The screens have a discreet, semi-translucent finish, keeping out flies and mosquitoes without ruining the view. They install flat to the floor on a 3mm-high PVC strip, so there are no guide channels to trip or step over.

Unlike other screens, these pleated insect screens are not spring loaded, so they park in any position along the track, and move back and forth with just the gentlest of touches.

The screens are available in multiple sets to cover large openings, and we have a smooth finish screen option as well.

The screen frames are powder-coated to match existing joinery.

Commercial security grilles

‘Saftidoor’ – light duty retractable grilles for entrance ways and display windows

The Saftidor is a cost-effective, powder-coated steel retractable grille system. The Saftidor is modular and suitable for all opening widths and for heights up to 2500mm. The product lends itself to all applications where aesthetics are a consideration and clear access to the area being secured is required.

Saftidor is ideal for the protection of shopfronts, entrance doors, and counter barriers in restaurants and bars.

The design of the grille system permits the door to retract to within 15% of its opening size. The hingeing system means the grille can be swung away from the opening. The addition of a trolley system makes the Saftidor mobile, and it can be used as a pedestrian barrier in shopping centres and schools, at events, and airports – or any application where restrictions to access may be required from time to time. A variety of locking options allows the product to be utilised in security applications.

The product is available within 24 hours and comes in either a white or a black powder-coated finish.

‘Multiguard’ – heavier duty retractable grilles for entrance ways

The Multiguard is a high-security, powder-coated steel expanding trellis grille system. The Multiguard is suspended from a top track, and combined with a bottom track and side fixings, provides a high penetration-resistant, fully framed barrier.

Multiguard is suitable for areas of any width and has a maximum height of 3000mm.

The grille is easy to operate and requires no maintenance. The lattice design allows the grille to stack to 12% of its opening size. The option of a removable bottom track makes the Multiguard ideal for entrance security where unrestricted access is required.

The Multiguard is held in stock in component form and is available in either a white or black powder-coated finish. This allows the product to be assembled and ready for installation within 72 hours of order.

Multiguard has been comprehensively tested and carries the Grade A certification for security grilles as laid down by the Security Industry Association.

'Durabar’ commercial window bars

The Durabar range is a high penetration-resistant, fixed steel grille security system for protecting windows in commercial premises.

Durabar is designed around a 25mm steel square tube frame which has steel bars inserted and welded into place at 125mm centres. Where the opening exceeds 700mm in width, the bars are passed through and welded to a 25mm steel square tube centre brace. This combination prevents the bars from being bent or withdrawn from the frame.

The Durabar range is available in bar thickness from 12mm to 20mm depending on your window security requirements. Durabar is available in a wide variety of powder-coated finishes, and can be in either a vertical or horizontal bar configuration. The grilles are manufactured in our Auckland factory to the requirements of each client. All fixings are at 125mm centres and concealed with nylon cover caps.

durabar window bars
Durabar window bars fitted - interior view ...
durabar window bars
... and exterior.

External door security

For external door security improvement, we can cut aluminium checker plate to fit over your whole door, extend locks through the plate, and cut the plate large enough to cover the door edges to stop a crowbar from being inserted.

We can also install traffic bollards around the front of your property to protect the cladding and discourage ram raids.

Pet doors

We supply and install pet doors – standard and micro-chipped versions for standard, double glazed and safety glass.

Black Maxi Dual Glaze Door
A black maxi dual glaze door.
cat door
Cat door installed in glass door pane.
dog door
We can make you a giant dog door!